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Gunslingers Microverse

Come and explore the Gunslingers' Microverse town of Slingfield! Pick up a Gunslinger today and join us in town for events and games coming soon.


We're actively building out the town to accomodate future events such as premiere screenings, competitions and horse races!

Gunslingers NFT Town

What in tarnation?

These here Gunslingers are a gang of 7,777 hootin hollerin' little cowpokes surviving out in a small town named Slingfield in the Wild West (the Ethereum blockchain).


Gunslingers are programatically generated from over 400 hand drawn traits, each with their own unique outfit, hat, accessories and weapons. 

The Gunslinger community will continue to grow, with future artist collaborations already underway, as well as a metaverse town, companions for each Gunslinger, duels and treasure hunts...

Giddy up!

Gunslingers NFT Collection
Gunslingers NFT Frame


Gunslingers are created by a small team of artists and developers working across the globe


Aint no hagglin' round these parts. Each Gunslinger will be initially minted at the price of Ξ0.04 fair and square


7,777 Gunslingers will be available at the mint date, with a portion reserved for giveaways and prizes for holders


Right here! Mint your very own gunslinger on this website or if you're too slow on the draw, secondary sales will be happening over on Opensea

Gunslingers NFT On The Edge
The Road Ahead

Gunslingers are more than just an NFT art project. We plan to build the community into a collaborative ecosystem with rewards, competitions and features voted on and shaped by our dedicated Gunslinger holders.


We want y’all to be involved in all steps moving forward, from companions to events, to building a metaverse town every Gunslinger can be proud to call home...

Gunslingers NFT Money Guys
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